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Respiratory Equipment

Respiratory Equipment for the Future: “Avon” ISI

Technology that saves  time

This isn't just a slogan -- it reflects our unsurpassed commitment to building life-saving equipment that is rugged, reliable and simple to use. We have earned an international reputation for innovative solutions and the industry's lowest cost of ownership.

SBD-can offer a wide selection of high-performance, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), customized to meet the special needs of a variety of markets, as well as a line of thermal imaging cameras employing the most advanced features in the industry. Because of our longstanding dedication to high quality, ISI has been ISO 9001 certified since August of 1998.

ISI Frontier SCBA:

The ISI Frontier SCBA, designed for industrial users and first responders, exceeds industry standards at a price you can't beat.

The Frontier

The Frontier's few and uncomplicated
components make it easy to use and maintain.

ISI's compact demand valve (CDV) is the industry's smallest high flow regulator. A first breath option is available. NIOSH approved. 

Three optional positive pressure face-pieces provide a protection factor of 10,000. 

Positive Pressure Air hood

Allows users with facial hair or glasses to enter IDLH atmospheres. Utilizes CDV regulator.

Air Switch Facemask

Combination of facemask and regulator allows users to switch between cylinder and ambient air easily.

Single Curve Facemask

Facemask with CDV regulator is available in two sizes and has a spider harness.



Supplied Air Respirators from ISI

The ISI ARAP-C is designed to provide breathing air where ambient air may be irritating as in high dust, agricultural or mining applications. It can be attached to an air source with up to 300 feet of hose in order to enter into confined space areas.

The ISI ARAP-Escape is a high performance type C respirator equipped with a 5-, 10-, or 15-minute cylinder. Available with either a nylon or Kevlar® harness, it offers workers ample time to escape IDLH atmospheres when needed.

Contact your nearest salesperson to learn more about our supplied air respirators.

Positive Pressure Air Hood

Air Switch Facemask

Single Curve Facemask

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